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Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS)
Radio Frequency Chart

Channel #
Channel #
Channel Name Frequency Notes Max
1 3* n/a 151.8200 MHz FM Voice is typical use, but some data comms are possible 2.0 Watts
2 4* n/a 151.8800 MHz
3 5* n/a 151.9400 MHz
4 1* Blue Dot 154.5700 MHz
5 2* Green Dot 154.6000 MHz

In 2000, the FCC carved out the MURS service offering five channels in the VHF band.

This may seem like a limited number of channel choices, and it is, but it is the only unlicensed VHF service available.

The channels were carved out of the Business band and you will have to share with the current business users.

This service is fairly new and equipment is just now starting to become available. So far the prices are higher than FRS and GMRS due in part to the much small economies of scale.

* Motorola makes the RMM2050 MURS radio. Despite the ~$200 price and fixed antenna, the unit performs remarkably well. For whatever reason, Motorola's MURS "channel numbers" are different from most others with the two higher 154 MHz frequencies occupying #1 and #2. It is an important distinction to understand while organizing people with different brand MURS radios. If the RMM2050 didn't perform so well, this difference would disqualify it from purchase consideration. However, it is the best MURS radio I've seen so is my personal recommendation.

Time will tell if this new service will bring cheaper radios to market. However, high priced equipment will keep fewer users on this limited five channels so this may well be an advantage to those who have no problem paying more for equipment.

Lower quality radios are appearing for about $90-$110.

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