NIST takes aim at WWVB, WWV and WWVH

The National Institute of Standards and Technology appears to have the time and frequency broadcast stations on the chopping block given the info contained in their 2019 budget proposal. This is what I wrote to my senator and congressman.

NVIS works very well… except when it doesn’t

QSOs made into NoVa in the Virginia QSO Party

Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS) propagation works wonders when the bands cooperate, but can slam the door shut at any moment.

Diamond NR770HBNMO vs. Comet M-24M

The Diamond Antenna NR770HBNMO paired with their K515S insulated luggage rack mount provides measurable and observable upgrade for my 2015 Subaru Forester 2m/440 mobile.

Radials mitigate feedline and mast currents, tests reveal

Radial Comparison Diamond Antenna X50NA

Antenna patterns from a Diamond X50NA reveal how radials of proper size mitigate current running down the feedline and mounting structure.

Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico and how hams helped

The words of those actually there.

Compare and contrast conflicting accounts of the amateur radio response to Hurricane Maria featuring what worked well, what didn’t and why resourceful hams combat nature and management.

Passing ARRL Field Day messages the easy way with packet radio

Here is a video of a Virginia amateur radio group passing field day bonus point messages off site using packet radio.

Decibel hell & the reign of antenna gain pain

A short history of antenna gain terminology and some guidance to muddle your way through some of the nefarious alternative facts you may encounter.

Of fields and feedpoints

Understanding how feed position along the half-wave dipole antenna affects the electric and magnetic fields around it.