Q Signals

QNA – Answer in prearranged order.
QNC – All net stations copy.
QND – Net is directed.
QNE – Entire net stand by.
QNF – Net is free.
QNG – Take over as net control station.
QNI – Net stations report in.
QNM – You are QRMing the net.
QNN – Net control station is [call sign].
QNO – Station is leaving the net.
QNP – Unable to copy you.
QNS – Following stations are in the net.
QNT – I request permission to leave the net.
QNU – The net has traffic for you.
QNX – You are excused from the net
QNY – Shift to another frequency.
QNZ – Zero beat your signal with mine.
QRA – What is the name (or call sign) of your station?
QRG – Will you tell me my exact frequency?
QRH – Does my frequency vary?
QRJ – Are you receiving me badly?
QRK – What is the intelligibility of my signals?
QRL – Are you busy?
QRM – Is my transmission being interfered with?
QRN – Are you troubled by static?
QRO – Shall I increase power?
QRP – Shall I decrease power?
QRQ – Shall I send faster?
QRS – Shall I send more slowly?
QRT – Shall I stop sending?
QRU – Have you anything for me?
QRV – Are you ready?
QRX – When will you call me again?
QRY – What is my turn?
QRZ – Who is calling me?
QSA – What is the strength of my signals?
QSB – Are my signals fading?
QSD – Is my keying defective?
QSG – Shall I send messages?
QSK – Can you hear between your signals?
QSL – Can you acknowledge receipt?
QSM – Shall I repeat the last message?
QSN – Did you hear me?
QSO – Can you communicate with me?
QSP – Will you relay?
QST – General call preceding a message.
QSU – Shall I send or reply on this frequency?
QSW – Will you send on this frequency?
QSX – Will you listen?
QSY – Shall I change frequency?
QSZ – Shall I send each word more than once?
QTA – Shall I cancel message?
QTB – Do you agree with my counting of words?
QTC – How many messages have you to send?
QTH – What is your location?
QTR – What is the correct time?