Lab Tests: SMA, BNC, TNC and N Connectors

Lab tests show post WW2 connector designs perform exceptionally well up to 500 MHz. The SMA, BNC, TNC and N connectors are great.

PL-259/SO-239 Return Loss and Attenuation Test

We pit the PL-259 (and SO-239) against more recent connectors. This is the list of contenders plus a description of the test setup.

Pretty Lousy? (PL) 259 Connectors

Various PL259 and SO239 Connections

The PL259/SO239 (aka UHF) connectors have harsh critics and religious defenders. Questionable measurement techniques complicate matters. Let’s clear things up.

Coax Velocity Factor in Baluns, Does it Matter? Part 2

Test results of the Coaxial Cable Balun and the Folded Balun (aka Pawsey Stub) reveal coax Velocity Factor applies to the former, but not the latter, unlike what many web sites would have you believe. Part 2 of 2.

Coax Velocity Factor in Baluns, Does it Matter? Part 1

Test results show coaxial cable velocity factor does not always enter into stub length calculations especially in the world of Baluns. Part 1 of 2.