Review of DX Engineering BAL050-H05-A Balun

For quite a few years I have used the DX Engineering Maxi-Core Balun model number BAL050-H05-A.

I needed some quick deploy Baluns for the 80 Meter Turnstile Antenna covered earlier on Ham Help Desk.

Also purchased were two DXE-UWA8X-KIT products which provide hoisting points and strain relief for RG-8 size coax.

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Hex Beam Aluminum Hub by DXE

The new antenna for 2010 at this QTH will be the popular G3TXQ Broadbeam Hex Beam. What follows is a look at the DX Engineering Hex Hub.

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DXE knows how to package their products

This is a bit silly of a post for an amateur radio web site.

However, I just had to toot the horn of one company who has consistently provided great service. That company is DX Engineering.

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BigIR vs. 43 Foot Vertical Antenna EZNEC Shootout

Considering a vertical? Among all the dipoles, beams and other types of antennas, the lowly vertical has regained some popularity thanks, in part, to the BigIR SteppIR and, more recently, the 43 foot vertical offered by DX Engineering and Zero Five antennas.

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43 Foot Vertical and Coax Switches

Furthering the discussion of the 43 foot vertical antenna I wanted to report a concern I have with this antenna and the use of any relay based coax switch.

If you install a 43 foot vertical in your back yard, route the coax through a switch and handle the tuning inside your ham shack, you need to ensure you do not exceed the voltage or current limits of the relays in the switch.

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