Coax Velocity Factor in Baluns, Does it Matter? Part 2

Test results of the Coaxial Cable Balun and the Folded Balun (aka Pawsey Stub) reveal coax Velocity Factor applies to the former, but not the latter, unlike what many web sites would have you believe. Part 2 of 2.

Coax Velocity Factor in Baluns, Does it Matter? Part 1

Test results show coaxial cable velocity factor does not always enter into stub length calculations especially in the world of Baluns. Part 1 of 2.

Review of DX Engineering BAL050-H05-A Balun

For quite a few years I have used the DX Engineering Maxi-Core Balun model number BAL050-H05-A.

I needed some quick deploy Baluns for the 80 Meter Turnstile Antenna covered earlier on Ham Help Desk.

Also purchased were two DXE-UWA8X-KIT products which provide hoisting points and strain relief for RG-8 size coax.

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Airplane Navigation Receiver Antenna Balun

An airplane mechanic friend, who also happens to own a 35 year old single engine Cessna airplane, was working on his tail light when he saw broken and aging components in his tail mounted navigation antenna. While working to fix the problems he discovered an interesting balun technique.

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The 43 foot vertical – The answer to everything?

The 43 foot vertical antenna is a popular height being promoted by several antenna manufacturers for 160 to 10 meters. Let’s see why and examine some advantages and pitfalls.

Choke Baluns

The topic of balanced to unbalanced converters is broad, detailed and deserving of study to apply them where needed. However, this post will discuss the simplest balun of all… the Choke Balun.

Many balun designs convert impedances 1:1, 1:2, 1:4, 1:9 and up.

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