Why don’t hams like vertical dipole antennas?

Tom, ke6ynh, asks…

“Why don’t hams like vertical dipole antennas.

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BigIR vs. 43 Foot Antenna EZNEC Shootout Conclusions

We have looked at the 43 foot antenna available from DX Engineering and Zero Five alongside the BigIR product from SteppIR. In addition, the BigIR was simulated using the optional 80 meter coil.

Both antenna types approach the vertical HF antenna problem with unique solutions.

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BigIR vs. 43 Foot Vertical Antenna @ 80 meters EZNEC Shootout

As we continue our EZNEC simulation research for the 43 foot and BigIR antennas we finally are looking into the 80 meter band.

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BigIR vs. 43 Foot Vertical Antenna @ 10 meters EZNEC Shootout

In a previous post we promised to analyze the merits of the 43 foot tall tuner-required antenna vs. the adjustable BigIR vertical from SteppIR. We did and here are the results.

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BigIR vs. 43 Foot Vertical Antenna EZNEC Shootout

Considering a vertical? Among all the dipoles, beams and other types of antennas, the lowly vertical has regained some popularity thanks, in part, to the BigIR SteppIR and, more recently, the 43 foot vertical offered by DX Engineering and Zero Five antennas.

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43 Foot Vertical and Coax Switches

Furthering the discussion of the 43 foot vertical antenna I wanted to report a concern I have with this antenna and the use of any relay based coax switch.

If you install a 43 foot vertical in your back yard, route the coax through a switch and handle the tuning inside your ham shack, you need to ensure you do not exceed the voltage or current limits of the relays in the switch.

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Low Profile Vertical HF Antenna

With the upcoming solar cycle pushing operations on the HF bands towards success on 20 meters to 10 meters you might be wondering if a vertical antenna may be the right choice for making the most of this time.

Well, to be honest you may well have just as much success with a simple horizontal dipole strung up.

Dipoles are pretty easy to build and don’t cost too much if you would rather purchase one from Alpha-Delta or the Wireman.

However, if you…

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