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Real experience with real experiments yield a wealth of information valuable to hams far and wide.

WWV @ 25MHz?

WWV apparently switched on its 25 MHz transmitter for a short while to give the old timers something to talk about… WWV’s 25 MHz Signal Back on the Air Have a listen while you can. John

For Sale Heathkit SB-102 with HB-23-A PS/Speaker

I am selling this radio for a friend. He is the original owner and builder. It is a Heathkit SB-102 transceiver with HB-23-A external power supply with speaker. This includes the original two-pin microphone. This thing is old… very very old. It does power up as shown in the photographs below. I did attach my … Read more

Geo. Coordinate Transmission Efficiency

Time to send geographic coordinates

What’s the best format to send your geographic coordinates using Morse Code? Degrees, Degrees-Minutes, Degrees-Minutes-Seconds, Grid Squares? We take a look at the various formats and use a stopwatch to measure the send time.

Solar Energy PV Payback Period

Solar energy from photo-voltaic (PV) panels is a great thing to show off at the ARRL Field Day, but economic realities and lengthy ROI periods continue to make it financially unsound for home use.

Young Attracted to PSK31

During Field Day 2008 we carefully observed what operating modes the young teens did and did not enjoy while they operated. Without a doubt the digital modes, especially PSK31, got their attention.

Teenager and a younger boy sharing PSK31 contacts on an HF station.
Teenager and a younger boy sharing PSK31 contacts on an HF station.

The older of the two, KJ4FAJ, in the picture above said this when he made his first PSK31 contact just after midnight during Field Day…

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