NVIS works very well… except when it doesn’t

QSOs made into NoVa in the Virginia QSO Party

Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS) propagation works wonders when the bands cooperate, but can slam the door shut at any moment.

Small Loop HF Antenna

With components from a variety of vendors, custom machining and a bit of trial and error, another variant of a small loop HF antenna is born.

40m Mastless NVIS Antenna

Folded 40m NVIS Dipole Concept

Yet another 40m Cloud Burner design featuring a folded dipole driven element plus one reflector wire to facilitate 40m NVIS contacts without need of a tall mast. The design uses electric fence posts for support and needs no balun.

NVIS 80m with 160m Full Wave Loop is less than ideal

Big HF loop antennas provide great performance, but they can’t do everything. 160 meter full wave loops won’t work well for NVIS when used at 3.8 MHz.