Extreme NMO – Subaru, Silver and the 60″ Whip

Daughter asks for 3rd time if Mom knows I'm drilling a hole in the car.

A reinforced Subaru through-hole NMO installation using silver epoxy and a metal plate stiffener accommodates the 62 inch Diamond SG7900A dual-band mobile antenna.

Antenna Measurements on Taurus 2m Whip

Return Loss and SWR measurements of a permanent 2m whip installation mid-roof of a Ford Taurus. The effect of doors is shown.

Laird NMO Mobile Antenna Mounts

After examination of several NMO Mobile Mount Options in a previous post, I shrunk the field to two choices: a 3/8″ and a 3/4″ inch both from Laird.

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NMO Mobile Antenna Mount Options

For years I have had great success with my trusty no-name mag mount 2m/440 mobile antenna. However, it’s time to consider a permanent through-hole NMO mount. NMO product information is a bit misleading so I bought several varieties to figure out the details. I share the results below.

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