Confirming Radio Mobile in the AT Golden Packet Attempt

I have experimented with Radio Mobile for a few years. If you have not tried using it, you should. It is a free RF link analysis program that uses geographic elevation data to help you determine the obstacles between two radio stations.

The details of this program’s capabilities are too numerous to mention here so please visit the web site here…

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Splitting One Serial Port to Multiple Applications

Recently I got up to speed with MixW for some PSK31 work. It works great.

I also tried out CWSkimmer with similar results.

I noticed there was an advantage of allowing each application access to read and control the radio so the frequency information correlates.

No problem I thought. However, I began thinking about the upcoming Virginia QSO Party where I will also be using a logging program from N3FJP or N1MM.

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JL Logger – Logger for Java Run Time Environment

I guess it was only a matter of time before Java made its way into the world of ham radio. Really, Java has been at the forefront of computing for some time. Whenever a programmer friend asks me if they should port their popular program to Java I say “why bother, Java is just too slow.” That was then and this is now.

Java is still slower than directly compiled programs, but computers are so fantastically fast these days, this issue is becoming not an issue.

One of the participants on the Sunday Night Tech Net mentioned he is reviewing and modifying a new, too him anyway, JAVA based contest logger.

Enter JL Logger…

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