I am selling this radio for a friend. He is the original owner and builder.

It is a Heathkit SB-102 transceiver with HB-23-A external power supply with speaker.

This includes the original two-pin microphone.

This thing is old… very very old.

It does power up as shown in the photographs below.

I did attach my Elecraft test signal generator (NOT INCLUDED IN THIS SALE), but could not hear anything. The transceiver is deaf.

Note the belts inside do still work, but, as you can tell in the photos, need replacement.

The plastic cover over the upper frequency display is loose. The display works, but it is loose.

Summary of knob function and operating characteristics:

  • Volume Works
  • RF Gain Works
  • Filter Selector Works
  • Any Knob attached to deteriorating belt does still turn things inside
  • Static heard (Volume, RF Gain and Filter all have effect)
  • Deafness confirmed on 80, 40 and 20 meters

I did not try to transmit.

Pics below.

Contact John, kx4o@hamradio.me if interested.

About John Huggins

John is an electrical engineer working in astronomy and aerospace including antenna/RF design spanning 35 years with experience modeling, manufacturing and measuring past, present and new antenna concepts.

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  1. What are you asking for it?

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