Rose’s KX3 Case and Cover

Protecting the KX3

Having an Elecraft KX3 is great. I found ways to haul it around using various sacks, bags and other miscellaneous, but not very elegant solutions. When reading the various Elecraft KX3 forums it doesn’t take long to learn about…

Another protection I found quite useful for the KX3 are the clever extended side plates and plastic cover available from…

Side KX Endplates and Covers

I purchased the Side KX Endplates for the KX3 and Side KX Cover as I was waiting for my KX3 kit to arrive.

The Side KX products work wonderfully well and make the KX3 more resistant to dings and scratches when in your backpack.

That said, I still needed something that would contain the KX3 with an aftermarket heatsink along with its accessories and perhaps a battery in one convenient case. There are a lot of camera bag and other solutions discussed on the Elecraft forums. However, as soon as I saw the covers and cases from Rose I knew that was the solution for my KX3 needs.

Elecraft KX3 Case and Cover

Below is a photo log from receipt of box to closing the bag. Click on any photo to read more about each moment. Highlights include:

  • I chose orange for the case to be sure I could find the bag if, for whatever reason, I set it down and lose track of it. I don’t think I would do this, but stranger things have happened in life.
  • I chose black for the KX3 cover with orange lettering to, well, I guess complement and contrast with the bag. Note, I don’t have the KX3 key yet, but I did order the cover with the opening.
  • Rose’s KX3 cover works just fine with the Side KX sideplates. The plates extend very slightly above the tuning knob so there is very little different here really.
  • Rose’s KX3 cover is not compatible with the KX cover as Rose has some spacer material to hold the fabric away from the KX3 display which presses against the plastic KX Cover as seen below. If you are ordering the plastic KX Cover you likely won’t need Rose’s KX3 cover.

On to the pictures…

Here are thumbnails if you prefer this over the slide show…


When packed, I keep the Side KX Cover on the KX3. This combined with the luxurious padding in Rose’s case makes a reasonable and sturdy way to haul the KX3 and its accessories to the field and back.

I’m not quite sure when I will use the cool black KX3 cover from Rose, but I will find a way somehow.

Meanwhile Rose’s bright orange bag is working out very well and I’m quite glad to have it. Thanks Rose!


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