ARRL Emergency Communications Handbook – First Look

My latest ARRL renewal came with the usual free gift. This time I selected the “Emergency Communication Handbook.” I made a promise to the fifteen or so EmComm organizations that made an appearance during the Haiti tragedy to look at EmComm again with an open eye resulting in the ordering of this book.

Fair enough.

I was glad to order this book to see how EmComm might be done from a well organized perspective. I sat down one evening and opened it up. Here is the first sentence…

“What does has my attitude have to do with emergency communications?”


There is nothing tragic about grammatical errors; I make quite a few myself. However, I would expect a published book to not have such a glaring error in the first sentence of the first paragraph of the first chapter! This is not a great way to initiate a knowledge transfer of EmComm techniques.

We need to keep one thing in mind; It is the liberal elite who are in charge at the moment and they do know their grammar… well most do anyway. They are the customer of what we are selling.

Thankfully, the content of the chapter contains some good common sense EmComm discussion, but the review of that is for another post.

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