Haiti Amateur Radio Assistance

Prayers go out to the folks in Haiti who are living in the aftermath of that earthquake.

Amateur Radio Operators seem to be geared up to provide some form of assistance.

The Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) organization is managing nets…

“Full Alert Level DELTA III for Haiti Earthquake Emergency. All nets active. 14.265 MHz Primary Daytime. 7265 and 3977.7 kHz evening and night.”

We can only hope and pray these good intentions result in useful deeds accomplished.

We should all listen in on the net frequencies above to see for ourselves how amateur radio may help the situation. I will be tuning in.

Meanwhile, I will also be sending some cash to relief organizations who are clearly going to need some resources quick.

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  1. Roger roger on the cash donations to Red Cross and the like; That's where most hams can help best despite SATERN, ARES, ALE, etc.

    We should all watch very closely when and if these, arguably very well prepared, EmComm ham groups provide a tangible benefit. I hope they do.

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