43 Foot Vertical Pops a U-Bolt

The top U Bolt holds while the bottom just hangs there.

Another title might be… “43 Foot Antenna, the Tilting.”


We had a big blast of cold air come down from Canada last night. Temperatures reached the teens and winds peaked at 50 mph. No problem I thought… “My DX Engineering 43 Foot Vertical has been up in weather like this since 2008 and does exceptionally well.”

The morning was busy gathering up blown away things and mounting a search and rescue of my car cover. Often this car cover sweeps around the house so I walked out back.

My eyes scanned the back yard for the cover. HORROR! I looked up to see a not so vertical antenna against the December backdrop of a cornfield and morning sky. Figure 1 reveals my shock and awe moment…

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