Hamradio.ME sponsors VaQP Plaques

This site proudly sponsors two of the many plaques for the Virginia QSO Party: Virginia Club – Virginia QSOs Only and Single Operator VA QSOs Only.

Club VA QSOs Only and Single Operator Plaques
Club VA QSOs Only and Single Operator Plaques

Virginia Club – Virginia QSOs Only

This plaque was born in 2006 initially to honor my sister and then my father who passed in 2005 and 2007 respectively. The VaQP had a particularly beneficial effect on myself as I came to grips with the family losses. Participation in this operating event was just the right amount of diversion to help mend.

The rules of this plaque are found on my personal site…


One unique aspect of this award is the way a club’s inventory of logs are combined into one larger club-wide log much like an enormous multi-multi station. As this is a confederation of club member’s stations, dupes across logs are allowed. The aggregate QSOs are scored with the same mode weights in the VaQP rules. Multipliers are condensed and shared by all. This way a log with just a few contacts still gains the multipliers of the entire club making every single QSO important.

The confederation approach allows every club member to participate in the VaQP however they wish with the knowledge they are contributing to a larger effort whether they be a big or small station.

Another key focus on this plaque is Gordon’s (NQ4K) idea to use only contacts to Virginia stations in the tally. This certainly moves the focus away from country-wide state tallies and to in-state contacts. This fact encourages mobile operations and refinements in NVIS techniques… both important in emergency preparations.

Merging my scoring method and Gordon’s Virginia emphasis, the Virginia Club – Virginia QSOs Only was born.

The Fauquier Amateur Radio Association (FARA) has won this every year. As a participant in FARA I’ve always been impressed and proud how we optimized our operations to secure this log. After winning it so many years, FARA revealed its secrets online. Finally this year another club took our advice, made proper plans, and will take this plaque home for the first time.

I still root for FARA, but am proud to award this plaque to those clubs who keep their focus on in-state QSOs.

Single Operator VA QSOs Only

This plaque was born in 2013 after discussions with Gordon about an award for a single operator that ignores the power category of the VaQP participant. Here are the rules:


Looking through the history of the VaQP, you will find many scores for Low Power bettering the scores from High Power stations. Other QSO Parities often have their power classes rated as QRP, Low and Unlimited where the clear intent is everyone competes for a particular power level at “or below” the stated level. My goal was quite simple… provide a single operator award for the best score regardless or power.

Gordon once again suggested the use of only contacts with Virginia stations in this plaque. I agreed and the Single Operator VA QSOs Only was born.

Last year a low power station, K1HTV, won this plaque using mostly wire antennas.

Awards Ceremony

Tomorrow I head to the Manassas Ham Fest to participate in the awards ceremony. I hope to meet you all there.

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