New QRP Radio Now Includes Spiffy Case has introduced the next model of their famous DC-xx series, the DX-xxB where xx = 20, 30 or 40 meters.

These are single frequency QRP units that are easy to build and fun.

The QRPeanut Can transceiver featured on HamHelpDesk uses a DC-40A unit.

This easy to build QRP transceiver is a single channel direct conversion crystal controlled assembly available for use with CW.

All you need to add is antenna, keyer, headphones and power. An antenna matcher makes good sense too.

Improvements include:

  • the addition of a 50 ohm resistor to tame one of the circuit sections and keep it from oscillating. This was an issue with some of the DC-40A units including mine which I fixed myself.
  • Also included is a case! Perhaps it is not as elegant as a Peanut Can, but certainly solves the problem of what do to with the completed board once you have it ready.
  • A new circuit board design with more space between components rounds out this latest offering from a very decent provider of fun QRP Kits.

Here is more information…

The New DCxx Revision B with Case!
The New DCxx Revision B with Case!

I very much enjoyed building my DC-40A and am considering another one, perhaps for another band and the new case makes this a very good deal at around $50.


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