Burt on Operators

An amusing video is on YouTube describing the state of affairs of ham radio and its operators.

Note the shifty, or perhaps thoughtful, eyes of Burt.

He drones on about the sad state of affairs of various aspects of ham radio.

In his defense, he is actually correct about many things he says.

We are too fat and tend to hide our real selves behind the microphone or key.

I share in Burt’s several meaningful observations of particular concern to amateur radio operators.

Here are some highlights from the video with Ham Help Desk (HHD) comments in italics…

  • “The is so-and-so-callsign… for ID” – Yes, Burt this is more words than necessary, but is just slang.
  • Traffic Nets and Radio-grams are replaced by the Internet – Yeah, sure, and cheap long distance made state-to-state QSOs not so economically desirable too. I am not too hip to the radio-gram thing either, but don’t see the problem keeping a spare “network” in place. Better to have it and not need it.
  • Contesters lowest form of ham – Yes I agree 59 all the time is silly, but contesting is the one thing that will continue to draw in young folks. That’s just the way it is.
  • That “German Nazi thing” – Dude… Using a little slang there I see.
  • Fat – Yes you are right on the money about this one. Amateur Radio like many leisure hobbies attract leisure loving folks.
  • Field Day – Well we love Field Day and enjoy the hard work involved… Maybe some of us aren’t so fat after all.
  • Exams are Easy – Yup, pretty easy… you are right.
  • If you want to laugh don’t use HI HI – I agree with you Burt. That screams Geek.
  • “Some say code is ancient. Is walking ancient?” – HI HI HI HI… oops I mean ha ha ha.
  • PRB reasons for “public service” silly – You are probably right.
  • Dead Full Quieting – Just slang Burt
  • Those with the $ can be a Big Gun – In the thousands of years of human existence has this ever really changed?

Every language has slang and hams most certainly don’t skimp on this. I see your point Burt, but we can be a little relaxed can’t we.

In a separate video from Burt I totally agree with him about operators who try to “bust” in on a conversation you might be having with a foreign ham in a highly sought DXCC. I would forgive this, slightly, during a contest environment, but certainly think is simply rude to try to interrupt a cordial conversation between two individuals.

Anyway, Burt you seem to be a cool fellow. I’ll make you a deal… I will promote good ham health if you will allow us evil contesters to do our thing from time to time… along with Field Day…

Here is Burt…

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