DXE knows how to package their products

This is a bit silly of a post for an amateur radio web site.

However, I just had to toot the horn of one company who has consistently provided great service. That company is DX Engineering.

Occasionally I find little issues here and there with their products, but their score card is really near perfect.

I wanted to highlight just one simple aspect of their service.

In support of the 43 foot vertical antenna I have been posting about this week, I placed two more orders for extra parts I forgot to plan for. The most recent order included a new radial plate (that can handle clamps for 2 inch OD pipe), radial wire hardware (the 20 that come with the unit and 40 more), a new u clamp and a new can of anti-seize compound.

A look at the gallery below reveals the attention they pay on making good survivable shipments of their products.

Yes, I realize the products I ordered are already pretty tough, but this is the way DX Engineering packages everything I have received from them tough or not. Plus they have always shipped the same day I ordered and, from Ohio to Virginia, I get it in two business days for about $9 shipping.

I know… I know you are probably thinking why is this guy bothering us with such a silly post about a box and packing. It is simple really. If DX Engineering focuses attention on packing things well to they get to their destination one might assume they apply the same good habits towards the other parts of their business. From the quality of everything I have received from them thus far, this is turning out to be true.

I wish some of the klutzes selling ham gear on Ebay would be as concerned about packaging. I sure wish the guy who sold me the Johnson KW Matchbox had double boxed it; one of the antenna terminals got bent… ackpf!

Do other vendors pack well too? I am sure most do. If I receive something from them and am amazed by their packing, I will promptly post good things about them. Currently, however, I am working towards the Virginia QSO Party and this 43 foot vertical installation gamble I am taking has me fully utilizing the great product line from DX Engineering… over and over again; I have four or five black hats to prove it.

Good show DX Engineering… please thank your shipping people for me. The little details matter to some of us. They are doing good things for your image.

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