Flux remover damages Lexan


Imagine finding your KX3 looking like this…

Cloudy Cover
Cloudy Cover

If you find yourself soldering within your KX3 remember to take the Lexan cover off and move it well away from your work area.  I didn’t and some of the flux remover spray did a number on my KX3 cover.  Here is a comparison to the PX3…

Comparison between new and damaged SideKX covers
Lexan covers

On the left is pristine PX3 cover while the right holds the severely cloudy cover for my KX3.  The KX3 cover still performs its function, but the flux removed sure did a number on it.  I did not read the fine print on the flux can and initially was dumbfounded what might be going on.

Oh well.  The good news is the KX3 repair was a 100% success and a replacement Lexan cover is not a budget buster when and if I’m ready to see through it again.

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