NVIS works very well… except when it doesn’t

QSOs made into NoVa in the Virginia QSO Party

Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS) propagation works wonders when the bands cooperate, but can slam the door shut at any moment.

Alternate Power Bonus for Field Day

Bonus points are important for the annual ARRL Field Day event in June.

If you are thinking of participating in your local club’s Field Day festivities or are heading to the campground with your family for a Bravo station, bonus points are available.

One of my favorites is the Alternate Power Field Day bonus.

To quote the ARRL Field Day rules for 2009…

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Solar Energy PV Payback Period

Solar energy from photo-voltaic (PV) panels is a great thing to show off at the ARRL Field Day, but economic realities and lengthy ROI periods continue to make it financially unsound for home use.