Buyer Beware – Toroid Prices Vary Greatly

While researching construction techniques for choke baluns I stumbled across a harsh reality.

The price of Toroid pieces can vary immensely depending on where you purchase it.

Case in point:

A 2.4 inch outside diameter ring toroid with type 43 material costs $13.65 from Palomar Engineers. The same thing costs $3.79 from Mouser.

Both are, I am pretty sure, model 5943003801 from Fair-Rite.

I just purchased twelve from Mouser at a bulk price of $3.51 each.

Price differences are what they are, but wow… this is a bit amazing. I am not afraid to pay good money for good things; I am not a cheap ham. However, I will draw the line at paying 3x the price for the same thing.

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