Splitting One Serial Port to Multiple Applications

Recently I got up to speed with MixW for some PSK31 work. It works great.

I also tried out CWSkimmer with similar results.

I noticed there was an advantage of allowing each application access to read and control the radio so the frequency information correlates.

No problem I thought. However, I began thinking about the upcoming Virginia QSO Party where I will also be using a logging program from N3FJP or N1MM.

Anyone who has operated a contest with connectivity between the logging program and radio CAT interface knows the great advantage of band and frequency data remaining synchronized.

So if I want my logging program to control my radio, but have CW Skimmer or MixW also connected for the same control, how can I do this?

I asked an email reflector this question and received replies suggesting the Com port splitter function of Ham Radio Deluxe. Another reply noted success with a non-ham related application called Serial-Port-Splitter.

GPS users seem to have this same issue where they want to share their one NMEA navigation serial information stream with multiple applications. This has spawned a small industry for this kind of serial port splitting software.

I researched the Serial-Port-Splitter possibility and now have this list of possible solutions to my original question:

I will try the free HRD first, then will experiment with the commercial and free packages to see which one works best.

If you have experience with how to split one serial port to multiple applications please comment.

Update March 2, 2009
I investigated Ham Radio Deluxe and the Eterlogic solutions here.

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    • Com0com does not allow multiple applications use of a single comm port, it creates virtual comm ports between applications. If I want program A and program B to BOTH share Comm 4, com0com will NOT do that. I know, I use com0com to connect 2 programs serially together for Air Force MARS programs.

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