Help: How can I Migrate Microsoft Works 2004 Logs to New Program

K3CDQ asks:

I have an old computer with lots of 2002, 3 and 4 software on it. I have thirty years of ham contacts logged in a data base that I worked up using Microsoft Works 2004. I now have a new computer with all 2010 and 2011 software on it and running XP.

I have tried to export/import my Works database to Excel and other software with no luck. Can you suggest a ham logging program that will allow me to merge my Works data base into it on the new computer? I posted this on October 13 on but have had no luck with help.

Sure wish someone could help me. Performance tells me this computer is about to crash and would love to get my DB on the new computer.

My works data base is set up as follows:


Many thanks for your help. The old computer is having major problems and I am afraid I will lose thirty years of contacts. I did download them to an external drive but have been unable to merge them into anything on the new computer.

Thanks again.
Richard MacWilliams K3CDQ 301-758-2957 Owings, Southern Maryland

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  1. Richard,

    The first step I would take is to export your database to a text file with either commas or tabs between the fields and one line per record. I don't know how Microsoft Works 2004 behaves, but text exporting is a pretty common capability of most any database program.

    Once you have exported it, I would zip it up and email it to yourself so you have it archived somewhere else.

    Now with a text export of your QSO records in hand the next step depends greatly on your current logging program. The information you have captured in your current database is exactly the information needed, but the format is likely unique.

    If it is any of the mainline programs including, but not limited to, ACLog, Ham Radio Deluxe, etc. they all support ADIF import. Your text file is certainly not ADIF format so an additional step is in order.

    If you give me a copy of your text file export, I can very likely convert it to an ADIF file with an afternoon of scripting at an OSX/Linux prompt.

    Much depends on your target logging program, but having an ADIF file of your past logs is never a bad idea even if you don't currently need it.

    I might be able to work with your actual Microsoft Works file also and am willing to try.

    Send the file to if you would like me to help.

    John, kx4o

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