KX4O 1B-Battery VA Field Day 2015

The 20m AHVD and 40m small loop antennas during KX4O 1B VA field day.

Despite a weak battery and few contacts, our 1B-Battery effort verifies a 40m small-loop and packet-radio NTS messaging using quick deploy antennas.

Icom 746 & 725 Rig Control with N3FJP

A reader asks for help with rig control interfacing to an Icom 725.

Heil BM-10 Headset Review

While small and flimsy, the Heil BM-10 Headset is well worth considering for use in Amateur Radio contesting and rag chews.

Two radios on one power supply cause problem

It takes two to tango, but, apparently, two loads on one DC power supply are causing trouble for this viewer.