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LiFePO4 – The New Normal?

LiFePO4 – The New Normal?

The Lithium Iron Phosphate battery chemistry is my replacement of choice for my old 7AH lead acid gel cells.

Honda Generator Hour Meter

Tiny-Tach TT2A will measure engine RPM if set correctly.

Maintain your Honda EU2000i (or any) generator on schedule with the addition of an aftermarket hour meter and bracket.

Half Voltage Fan Cools Power Supply with Less Noise

Running a fan on low voltage can keep your power supply much cooler without making a lot of noise.

Field Day Power Topics

Lessons learned about Field Day Generators

Alternate Power Bonus for Field Day

Use Solar Power to get your Alternate Power Field Day bonus points using this example.

Battery Energy Density: Gel Cell

For backpacking is a Gel Cell battery the logical choice?

Two radios on one power supply cause problem

It takes two to tango, but, apparently, two loads on one DC power supply are causing trouble for this viewer.

APC UPS Compatible with Honda EU2000

A report of one UPS make and model that works well with the Honda EU-2000i generator.

Ugly World of Generator Power

UPS units and generators often don’t get along. Some do however.

Fuel Cap on Honda EU2000 Will Shut Off Generator

Important information about the Fuel Cap on the Honda EU2000 Generator and how it will shut off if you don’t have it set correctly.