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LED Light Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are ‘bright’ alternatives to make ridiculously small table lamps provide useful illumination while maintaining low radio interference. The name brands have less RFI.

LED Ceiling Lights

One LED and three incandescents low brightness

I check the tendency for Phillips LED Lights to generate radio frequency interference (RFI) and how XYL friendly they are.

Elevator Limit Switch – For Your Tower

Elevator Limit Switch – For Your Tower

Described is a simple limit switch system for control of a tower’s DC powered elevation system.

LED Lighting for your Ham Shack – a review of two models

Are 120V LED Lamps a good option for your ham shack? Reviewed are two models that I picked up locally.

Radio Station Layout Examples

There is no better way to think of ways to organize your ham shack than to see how others organize theirs.