Radials mitigate feedline and mast currents, tests reveal

Radial Comparison Diamond Antenna X50NA

Antenna patterns from a Diamond X50NA reveal how radials of proper size mitigate current running down the feedline and mounting structure.

Old DX Engineering Radial Plates won’t fit 2 inch OD pipe

If you might be wondering if there is a difference between older and newer Radial Plate kits from DX Engineering there is… for the better, but there was a catch…

Low Profile Vertical HF Antenna

With the upcoming solar cycle pushing operations on the HF bands towards success on 20 meters to 10 meters you might be wondering if a vertical antenna may be the right choice for making the most of this time.

Well, to be honest you may well have just as much success with a simple horizontal dipole strung up.

Dipoles are pretty easy to build and don’t cost too much if you would rather purchase one from Alpha-Delta or the Wireman.

However, if you…

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