Cutting Copper for 6m LFA Yagi

Use a torch to solder the loop. Be alert for air expansion pushing the joints apart.

Here is a step by step photo album showing how I prepared home center copper pipe for use in a three element Loop-Fed-Array Yagi-Uda antenna (aka LFA Yagi Antenna).

Copper 6m Coplanar LFA Yagi-Uda

Azimuth Plots of LFA Yagi-Uda with and without feedline

The Coplanar Loop Fed Array (LFA) Yagi-Uda design from G0KSC provides an excellent design foundation for an all copper version of a 3 element 6m balunless beam with superior front to back performance. Shown are comparisons between model simulations and prototype measurements.

Coplanar Loop Fed Array LFA Yagi-Uda Antenna

Current Magitudes of Yagi-Uda Elements with Low-Z wire on Feedpoint

The clever application of the folded dipole loop, computer science iteration techniques and NEC simulation to Yagi-Uda design results in a panoply of practical planar Loop Fed Array, LFA Yagi antenna recipes.