“Holidays in the Heart” telegraph demo – how educating the next generation is done

Have a look at this…

Among the many things you might take away from this American telegraph demonstration, you should focus on this…

  • time 1:14…
  • …the kid who’s focusing on the chattering gizmo that, allegedly, conveys intelligence to Santa.

Captivate a kid, ignite a spark of interest in tech, and you may well have planted the seed for a future participant in STEM. Anyone who’s read the book “Guerrilla Marking” (by Jay Conrad Levinson) knows that almost all of these kids will forget this almost immediately. These same readers understand that some small percentage of the kids will have something within them stimulated. Those same few will have their techie interest grow with their souls. A new technician or engineer is born and that’s a good thing for all of us.

This is along the same lines of a Lionel Christmas train set. Kids are amazed because a train set represents the power of transportation. The telegraph represented the power of information… and perhaps still does a little bit. Perhaps, just perhaps, we can do our part and show the next generation a little something that might stimulate great things.

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