Virginia Packet Fund Raiser

The Virginia Packet Network seeks to expand operations with the addition of a lower HF radio port and is organizing a fund raiser on GoFundMe to help raise capital. What is the Virginia Packet Network you ask? Spearheaded by yours truly, this is from the main web page…

The Virginia Packet Network (VAPN) is an AX.25/802.11 hybrid RF only system serving amateur radio interests in and around northern Virginia, This includes service along the Appalachian Trail and Shenandoah National Park where cellular service is sporadic to nonexistent, but within easy reach of HF and VHF amateur radio signals. A utilitarian packet-message to Internet-email capability connects remote VAPN supporters with loved ones.

The system is actually up and running in a prototype configuration with a 2m and 30m port. HF is clearly the way to go so an additional HF port split between 40 and 80m makes sense. Given the nature of the bands, 160m is not out of the question. All this is to expand coverage to the eastern states outside Virginia.

We aren’t looking for large contributions, but if you can spare five bucks, the VAPN’s admirable goals could make good use of your gift.

Click here to have a look.

Covering the east with 40 and 80m packet

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