N1MM and Default Conditions can lead to out of band TX

I have been coming up to speed with the N1MM software and it is a really nice program for contesting.

This morning I decided to answer some of those Alabama QSO Party calls.

As soon as I configured the software CAT interface for my Icom 746, it proceeded to fiddle with the radio settings and moved the radio to the 2 meter band. I was on the 40 meter band at 7.244 MHz. The N1MM and Icom 746 danced a bit more and put me on the 20 meter band, then the 2 meter band. I manually changed bands back to 40 meters. When I transmitted, the radio transmitted up at 7.344 MHz – OUT OF BAND.

Horrified, I looked at all the settings to find the Duplex + setting on. It wasn’t before. Weird. Odd. Surprising.

So I carefully turned off DUP and all is well.

Everyone is well advised to pay attention to what N1MM does to your radio settings once it initializes.

Other than this behavior, it was a simple matter to bring up the AL QSO Party “New Log in Database” feature.


de kx4o

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