Using AM to explain the value of radio bandwidth

I’ve been having fun with the relatively new, to me, world of software defined receivers and corresponding powerful demodulating software. This setup is a good way to demonstrate modulation, bandwidth, and how the two interplay.

With this is mind, I made this video to give a sense for the positives of using more bandwidth.

I’m hoping to expand the video series in time all the while learning how to produce better videos. The above uses the following:

  • 43 foot vertical antenna
  • SDRPlay RSPDuo receiver
  • SDR Console software
  • Techsmith Camtasia Video recording and editing software (this is the absolute bomb)
  • Audacity for recording the vocal track (later importing into Camtasia)

By the way, YouTube immediately, I mean in mere seconds, identified the Spinners’ song and made this video unavailable for monetizing. I don’t have enough views to do that anyway so I rather like that YouTube provides this service so we don’t have to worry so about copyright infringement…. rather liberating really.

Anyway, if you like technology, now is a good time to be alive.

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