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It is rare I read an entire blog in a few days.  Okay, it has never happened to me before.  However, once I found the web site of the The Kentucky Packet Network

KYPN - "Packet Radio never died, it just evolved"

KYPN – “Packet Radio never died, it just evolved”

…I found words describing the current state of affairs for packet radio that pretty much align with my suspicions.   If you:

  • are brand new to packet radio;
  • are puzzling over this thing called Winlink;
  • want to learn about a relatively recent HF robust packet protocol called, well, robust packet;
  • wonder if there is more to life than 1200 baud on 2m;
  • wear an expression of concern whenever you double-click a program written in .NET;
  • get a tingling sensation on the back of your neck whenever you learn packet systems touch the Internet;

…then grab your favorite beverage and dig into this site describing the evolution of a practical packet solution that works well in Kentucky.  No packeteer should be without this knowledge… especially in the context of Emcomm.

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John is an electrical engineer working in astronomy and aerospace including antenna/RF design spanning 36 years with experience in antenna design including improvements (US20170201002A1 & USD798847S1) to the J antenna.

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