DX Engineering supports AHVD antenna

AHVD Antenna

The Asymmetrical Hatted Vertical Dipole (AHVD) antenna provides a reasonably portable, perhaps luggable is a better term, freestanding antenna for 20-10m. Here is one photo from years past of the AHVD set for 20m alongside my homebrew small transmitting loop.

The 20m AHVD and 40m small loop antennas during KX4O 1B VA field day.
The 20m AHVD and 40m small loop antennas during KX4O 1B VA field day.

Parts list

With the exception of the choke, every component selected for this design is available from vendors. A parts list is included on my master drawing available in the original build article on this site.

Build this vertical portable HF antenna

The parts list specifies aluminum tubing from their product line plus two custom components: the support plate (DXE-MMP-KX4O) and a one foot aluminum piece with slots at both ends (DXE-AT-KX4O) for the mid point horizontal element.

The two items on their web site

The sturdy plastic support plate is literally a pre-drilled DXE-MMP-P2. You can drill this yourself of course, but drilling plastic isn’t always great fun and this product saves plenty of time and hassle.

I was quite humbled by DX Engineering’s willingness to tool up and supply these two custom parts just for this antenna project. I can only hope this has made building one simpler for folks.


Before I could advise them otherwise, they named the two custom parts with KX4O as part of the stock number rather than something more descriptive like AHVD. By the time I noticed, the horse was already out of the barn. Oh well… it’s nice to see your name and call in a catalog.

KX4O Vertical Dipole Antenna Support Plate
I wonder how popular this really is.

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