JOTA Antenna Need Not Be Fancy

I just came back from helping prep a ham station for a Camporee coinciding with the world wide Jamboree on the Air (JOTA) event.

They have just two antennas: a two meter omni and a ladder line fed 135 foot dipole. The dipole is inverted V style atop 12 sections of 48 inch aluminum military mast. The top of the antenna is about 54 feet AGL. Coupled with a good balanced tuner, this thing can work quite well on most of the bands.

The first contact from Virginia was with Japan on 20 meters phone. Not too shabby for such a simple antenna.

Tomorrow we will give it the big test. I know it will work fine because it has already proven its worth during many field days.

If the only antenna you have it a ladder line fed dipole, put it up and go for it.

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