5/8 Wave J-Pole vs. 1/2 Wave J-Pole EZNEC Shootout

Type “J-Pole” into any search engine and you will see dozens if not hundreds of plans to build your very own J-Pole antenna. Many are variations on the tried and true 1/2 wave design with the 1/4 wave stub at the bottom. Be it a plumber’s delight with copper pipe or ladder line heaven using a trimmed up 450 ohm feed line, many folks have successfully created their own J-Pole antenna with a surprising variety of materials.

However, there appears to be some kind of mystical attraction to the 5/8 wave radiator. Several of the J-Pole designs attempt to make the radiator 5/8 wave in length and adjust the phasing stub to make for a good match.

Let’s compare the two approaches using the models available from the late Larry Cebik’s NEC collection. Here are the contenders each using 3/8 inch diameter copper pipe…

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