The need for 9600 bps AX.25

Where AX.25 fits into the ARS digital landscape

Despite its age AX.25 can compete with the slick newer digital technologies. Let’s see where packet fits into the digital landscape.

Mast Mountable J-Pole Antenna

Overview highlighting novel features of mast mountable j-pole antenna.

The J-Pole antenna’s long and storied design history is due for one more chapter to mitigate the longstanding mast current and reliability issues.

APRS AT Golden Packet 2014 NoVA Report

Hawksbill ATGP crew 2014

2014 Appalachian Trail Golden Packet report from Hawksbill (aka Northern Virginia) Station #6

Repeaters, Antennas & Trigonometry

Repeaters, Antennas & Trigonometry

You need an antenna with energy at high take off angles to hit the hill top repeaters… right? Well, not likely. Let’s review the details and do the math to understand what’s needed for VHF terrestrial radio communication.

Hoverman TV Antenna Measurements

Hoverman VHF Elevation Measured Antenna Pattern

Doyt Hoverman’s 1960s TV antenna design placed over a simple reflector screen provides impressive performance for today’s UHF and VHF-HI television bands.

Baofeng UV-5R HT – Low Cost, High Value

The Baofeng UV-5R provides modest quality with a low price yielding high value. This HT can literally be a Christmas stocking stuffer.

Superbowl HDTV Antenna

Superbowl HDTV Antenna

Build the venerable Hoverman TV antenna and watch digital broadcast high definition HDTV television this weekend. This version of a HDTV antenna uses amateur radio antenna building techniques to make a lightweight structure.

Extreme NMO – Subaru, Silver and the 60″ Whip

Extreme NMO – Subaru, Silver and the 60″ Whip

A reinforced Subaru through-hole NMO installation using silver epoxy and a metal plate stiffener accommodates the 62 inch Diamond SG7900A dual-band mobile antenna.

‘UHF’ Connector Test Results

Insertion Loss of Various Connectors

Real measured data reveal the UHF (PL259 and SO239) connectors have real limitations.