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Diamond CP22E Antenna Review

Despite some antenna gain hype, the Diamond Antenna CP22E 2m base station antenna is a remarkable design achieving 5 dBi directivity in a slim low-profile design.

EFHW LNR Precision EF-10/20/40MKII Test Data

SWR Measurements of LNR Precision EF-10/20/40 End Fed Antenna

Basic tests of the LNR Precision EF-10/20/40 multi-band portable HF EFHW antenna including S11, SWR and a bandwidth check of the match box.

EFHW LNR Precision EF-10/20/40MKII Examination

EFHW LNR Precision EF-10/20/40MKII Examination

The background and details of the LNR (Par Electronics) EF-10/20/40 end fed half-wave multi-band portable HF antenna. Come see what’s inside the mysterious “black box.”

Heil BM-10 Headset Review

While small and flimsy, the Heil BM-10 Headset is well worth considering for use in Amateur Radio contesting and rag chews.

DX Engineering 8 Port RF Coax Switch Review

A close look at the DX Engineering RR8-HP eight port coax switch with lots of pictures including interior views.

JL Logger – Logger for Java Run Time Environment

JL Logger – A contest logger written in Java for the Java Runtime Environment.