Slim Jim vs. Traditional J-pole Antenna

Measured gain of SlimJIM and J-Pole

Real measurements of a Slim Jim antenna and traditional j-pole antenna reveal the truth about their respective gain and pattern.

Repeaters, Antennas & Trigonometry

Repeaters, Antennas & Trigonometry

You need an antenna with energy at high take off angles to hit the hill top repeaters… right? Well, not likely. Let’s review the details and do the math to understand what’s needed for VHF terrestrial radio communication.

5/8 Wave J-Pole vs. 1/2 Wave J-Pole EZNEC Shootout

5/8 Wave J-Poles aren’t better than 1/2 Wave J-Poles

Collinear 5/8 wave J-Pole vs. Collinear 1/2 wave J-Pole EZNEC Shootout

Another 5/8 J-Pole Design arranged as a Collinear… can it justify the complexity and extra materials?

1/2 Wave vs. 5/4 Wave VHF EZNEC Shootout

Longer is not always better in the world of antennas. Such is the case of the 5/4 wave vertical antenna… a Super J-Pole Wannabe Antenna