APRS AT Golden Packet 2016 NoVA Report

Using modest gear, station #6 of the Appalachian Trail Golden Packet exercise confirms 9600 bps works well for passing packets north and south.

APRS AT Golden Packet 2015 NoVA Report

The Appalachian Trail Golden Packet station six on Hawksbill mountain in the Byrd's Nest #2 shelter.

Station #6 of the ATGP using modest gear and within a comfortable shelter.

APRS AT Golden Packet 2014 NoVA Report

Hawksbill ATGP crew 2014

2014 Appalachian Trail Golden Packet report from Hawksbill (aka Northern Virginia) Station #6

APRS Golden Packet Gear

Kenwood D710A and 10AH Tenergy Lithium battery

Shown is a minimal, but effective collection of gear for the APRS Golden Packet Appalachian Trail event.

Improving the Super-J

Full view of various Collinear J-Poles

The traditional collinear J-Pole, aka Super-J, improves the basic J-Pole. Are further improvements possible? By replacing the phasing stub with a simple coil, the answer is yes. The result is the Collinear J-Pole.

Stony Man AT Golden Packet 2012

Stony Man AT Golden Packet 2012

Results from station 6 of the Appalachian Trail Golden Packet attempt from Stony Man mountain.

Hawksbill Mtn. APRS Appalachian Trail Test

This is the view as you approach the top of Hawksbill on the only trail.

The Northern Virginia team of Ham Radio operators and companion hikers manned Hawksbill Mountain for the 2011 Appalachian Trail Golden Packet event. Gear included a Kenwood D710 with Green Light Lab GPS, 2m Collinear J-Pole and a 70cm collinear J-Pole.

Help Needed for Ham Hike in Virginia

Hikers and Equipment needed for July 25th APRS Golden Packet event in West Virginia/Virginia.

Good APRS Information Web Site

Here is a good web site on how to set up Packet Equipment for APRS.

Question: APRS Software

Anyone know and good and currently maintained APRS applications?