J antenna and variations thereof

J antenna an variations thereof

There are many ways to morph the basic J antenna into useful forms.

SlimJIM and Antenna Gainflation

E-plane gain plots of J antenna variations

Understanding why SlimJIM antenna aficionados hype the gain in their marketing and discussions.

Improving the Super-J

Full view of various Collinear J-Poles

The traditional collinear J-Pole, aka Super-J, improves the basic J-Pole. Are further improvements possible? By replacing the phasing stub with a simple coil, the answer is yes. The result is the Collinear J-Pole.

Hiking, Hams and Hills – Station #6 of the AT Golden Packet

Hiking, ham radio, hills and a portable collinear J-Pole combine to make the Golden Packet Test a memorable event.

Collinear 5/8 wave J-Pole vs. Collinear 1/2 wave J-Pole EZNEC Shootout

Another 5/8 J-Pole Design arranged as a Collinear… can it justify the complexity and extra materials?

1/2 Wave vs. 5/4 Wave VHF EZNEC Shootout

Longer is not always better in the world of antennas. Such is the case of the 5/4 wave vertical antenna… a Super J-Pole Wannabe Antenna