Slim Jim vs. Traditional J-pole Antenna

Measured gain of SlimJIM and J-Pole

Real measurements of a Slim Jim antenna and traditional j-pole antenna reveal the truth about their respective gain and pattern.

Small Loop HF Antenna

With components from a variety of vendors, custom machining and a bit of trial and error, another variant of a small loop HF antenna is born.

KX4O 1B-Battery VA Field Day 2015

The 20m AHVD and 40m small loop antennas during KX4O 1B VA field day.

Despite a weak battery and few contacts, our 1B-Battery effort verifies a 40m small-loop and packet-radio NTS messaging using quick deploy antennas.

Assemble the 6m LFA Yagi

Assemble the 6m LFA Yagi

This final installment about the 6m LFA Yagi Antenna shows the technique to hold copper pipes to the boom using home center PVC plumbing materials.

Cutting Copper for 6m LFA Yagi

Cutting Copper for 6m LFA Yagi

Here is a step by step photo album showing how I prepared home center copper pipe for use in a three element Loop-Fed-Array Yagi-Uda antenna (aka LFA Yagi Antenna).

Low Profile Vertical HF Antenna

Described is a no nonsense 16 foot copper vertical antenna easy enough to build for a quick check to see if a vertical is for you.