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Real experience with real experiments yield a wealth of information valuable to hams far and wide.

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Berryville 2015

Berryville KX4O tailgate

The AHVD, Small Loop antenna and some of the usual tailgate “stuff” was made ready for inspection at the Berryville hamfest.

Copyrights, Designs and Intellectual Property

The mix of protections for intellectual property

Is anyone else confused by the control some antenna designers try to maintain over the use of their unpatented creations?

WWV @ 25MHz?

WWV apparently switched on its 25 MHz transmitter for a short while to give the old timers something to talk about… WWV’s 25 MHz Signal Back on the Air Have a listen while you can. John

AHVD – End Caps come in bag of 20

Please note the end caps in the KX4O-000049 drawing show quantity 3, but they come in one bag of twenty. Don’t buy three bags.

AHVD at Richmond Frostfest

AHVD at Richmond Frostfest

The Asymmetrical Hatted Vertical Dipole was on hand at the Richmond Frostfest where the most popular question concerned the bandwidth of the antenna.

Counting Kilowatt-Hours

Monitor your home’s power use with the Efergy E2 wireless clamp-on style whole house power monitoring system.

LOTW Import gets around ADIF Mode Limits

Logbook of the World accepts non-ADIF-compliant mode values to ensure compatibility with contests like Field Day.

For Sale Heathkit SB-102 with HB-23-A PS/Speaker

I am selling this radio for a friend. He is the original owner and builder. It is a Heathkit SB-102 transceiver with HB-23-A external power supply with speaker. This includes the original two-pin microphone. This thing is old… very very old. It does power up as shown in the photographs below. I did attach my […]