Low profile 2m/440 mobile installation

Transceiver in sunglasses holder

Video showcases a nice, clean, professional installation of a 2m/440 transceiver into Hyundai sedan.

Runt radials

Antennas shipping with ineffective antenna decoupling are on the rise as manufacturers daringly advocate 1/12 wave radials work.

Diamond X50 Antenna Measurements

Diamond X50 SWR and Return Loss

I measured the SWR and Return Loss of a loaner Diamond X50 antenna.

Repeaters, Antennas & Trigonometry

Repeaters, Antennas & Trigonometry

You need an antenna with energy at high take off angles to hit the hill top repeaters… right? Well, not likely. Let’s review the details and do the math to understand what’s needed for VHF terrestrial radio communication.

Baofeng UV-5R HT – Low Cost, High Value

The Baofeng UV-5R provides modest quality with a low price yielding high value. This HT can literally be a Christmas stocking stuffer.

EME on a Budget – Part 1

EME on a Budget – Part 1

Moonbounce for the rest of us, part 1 of 3, introduces EME and highlights operational basics and propagation.

SWR of Several Mobile Antennas

SWR of Several Mobile Antennas

I had occasion to test four popular amateur radio mobile antennas. Here are the results of SWR and Return Loss of a Diamond SG7900ANMO, Larsen NMO 2/70, Cushcraft CS-270M and Laird QW144.

Extreme NMO – Subaru, Silver and the 60″ Whip

Extreme NMO – Subaru, Silver and the 60″ Whip

A reinforced Subaru through-hole NMO installation using silver epoxy and a metal plate stiffener accommodates the 62 inch Diamond SG7900A dual-band mobile antenna.

Hawksbill Mtn. APRS Appalachian Trail Test

This is the view as you approach the top of Hawksbill on the only trail.

The Northern Virginia team of Ham Radio operators and companion hikers manned Hawksbill Mountain for the 2011 Appalachian Trail Golden Packet event. Gear included a Kenwood D710 with Green Light Lab GPS, 2m Collinear J-Pole and a 70cm collinear J-Pole.

Ham Question: Kenwood TM-G707 Display Erratic

A user has a question concerning the reboot behavior of the control head of his Kenwood TM-G707 2m/440 transceiver.