Sunspots and HF propagation

VAQP QSO Percentages

QSO data from a state QSO party reveal trends in HF usage correlating with sunspot numbers.

Wideband 80m Dipole

Series Transmission Line Resonator for broadband dipole.

A 1/4 wavelength of 75 ohm coax inline with a full wavelength of 50 ohm coax is all one needs to make a simple 80m dipole become a wideband dipole antenna.

Dipole Generates Static in PL-259

Dipole Generates Static in PL-259

“Shocking” evidence our aerials collect electric charge plus an educational video on the topic of static electricity.

Use a loop if you can

Which full-wave loop to try first: 40 meter, 80 meter, 160 meter, more?

Ladder Line the Old Fashioned Way

Ladder Line the Old Fashioned Way

Photo album showcasing the creation of a home made ladder transmission line.

43 Foot Antenna Installation – The Rising

43 Foot Antenna Installation – The Rising

The raising of the Flat Black 43 Foot Antenna from DX Engineering.

Relay Control Box for Turnstile Antenna

Presented is a relay controller for operating two orthogonal 75m dipoles to make them operate as a circular polarization turnstile antenna.

NVIS 80m with 160m Full Wave Loop is less than ideal

Big HF loop antennas provide great performance, but they can’t do everything. 160 meter full wave loops won’t work well for NVIS when used at 3.8 MHz.

The 43 foot vertical – The answer to everything?

The 43 foot vertical antenna is a popular height being promoted by several antenna manufacturers for 160 to 10 meters. Let’s see why and examine some advantages and pitfalls.

80 Meters for BigIR

The BigIR antenna from Fluid Motion looks like a winner, but there are some concerns about the 80 meter option.