KX4O 1B-Battery VA Field Day 2015

The 20m AHVD and 40m small loop antennas during KX4O 1B VA field day.

Despite a weak battery and few contacts, our 1B-Battery effort verifies a 40m small-loop and packet-radio NTS messaging using quick deploy antennas.

KX4O/P VQP 2015 Expedition from MPX

KX4O/P VQP MPX Portable Operation

Operating QRP portable from the back of a Subaru during activation of the rare VQP city of Manassas Park (MPX).

Vertical Dipole at Lighthouse

Vertical Dipole at Lighthouse

The asymmetrical hatted vertical dipole (AHVD) provides a quick setup HF antenna at Hatteras lighthouse.

EFHW LNR Precision EF-10/20/40MKII Examination

EFHW LNR Precision EF-10/20/40MKII Examination

The background and details of the LNR (Par Electronics) EF-10/20/40 end fed half-wave multi-band portable HF antenna. Come see what’s inside the mysterious “black box.”

Alternate Power Bonus for Field Day

Use Solar Power to get your Alternate Power Field Day bonus points using this example.

An HF Amplifier for your QRP Rig

An HF Amplifier for your QRP Rig

Communication Concepts, Inc. offers 100 watts for the QRP crowd who, sometimes, want more.

New QRP Radio Now Includes Spiffy Case

QRPKits.com has introduced the next model of their famous DC-xx series, the DX-xxB where xx = 20, 30 or 40 meters. These are single frequency QRP units that are easy to build and fun. The QRPeanut Can transceiver featured on HamHelpDesk uses a DC-40A unit. This easy to build QRP transceiver is a single channel […]

QRPeanut Can Transceiver

When QRP and Peanut Cans collide…