J antenna and variations thereof

J antenna an variations thereof

There are many ways to morph the basic J antenna into useful forms.

J Antenna Design Patent Grant

USD798847S1 showcases one more incremental step towards a J antenna that works with masts and feedlines.

Mast Mountable Antenna Patent Application

Front view of Mast Mountable Antenna

The “mast mountable antenna” patent application is now available to review and critique.

N9TAX 2m Slim Jim Antenna Review

Erroneous specs aside, the N9TAX VHF SlimJim antenna is an exemplary dipole.

Antenna pattern plots: Good intentions vs. good data

Just say no to handcrafted data graphs

In the 21st century should we believe antenna graphical gain data based on hope and hearsay? J-pole antenna gain drawings are a common bad example.

SlimJIM and Antenna Gainflation

E-plane gain plots of J antenna variations

Understanding why SlimJIM antenna aficionados hype the gain in their marketing and discussions.

Mast Mountable J Antenna Patent Pending

Section View of Low Impedance Feed

A new j-pole patent? We will see.

Slim Jim vs. Traditional J-pole Antenna

Measured gain of SlimJIM and J-Pole

Real measurements of a Slim Jim antenna and traditional j-pole antenna reveal the truth about their respective gain and pattern.

Mast Mountable J-Pole Antenna

Overview highlighting novel features of mast mountable j-pole antenna.

The J-Pole antenna’s long and storied design history is due for one more chapter to mitigate the longstanding mast current and reliability issues.

Have your J-Pole and ground it too

1.06 GHz Test J-Pole Antenna

Tame the predictable mast currents found in any j-pole antenna grounding conductive mast using a simple stub. Shown is empirical evidence why this is a problem and a very simple solution all future grounded j-pole antennas should incorporate.