Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico and how hams helped

The words of those actually there.

Compare and contrast conflicting accounts of the amateur radio response to Hurricane Maria featuring what worked well, what didn’t and why resourceful hams combat nature and management.

J antenna and variations thereof

J antenna an variations thereof

There are many ways to morph the basic J antenna into useful forms.

Sunspots and HF propagation

VAQP QSO Percentages

QSO data from a state QSO party reveal trends in HF usage correlating with sunspot numbers.

Virginia Packet Fund Raiser

The organizers of the Virginia Packet Network are asking for a few bucks to expand service outside of Virginia.

J Antenna Design Patent Grant

USD798847S1 showcases one more incremental step towards a J antenna that works with masts and feedlines.

Passing ARRL Field Day messages the easy way with packet radio

Here is a video of a Virginia amateur radio group passing field day bonus point messages off site using packet radio.

Mast Mountable Antenna Patent Application

Front view of Mast Mountable Antenna

The “mast mountable antenna” patent application is now available to review and critique.

N9TAX 2m Slim Jim Antenna Review

Erroneous specs aside, the N9TAX VHF SlimJim antenna is an exemplary dipole.

The limits of aluminum antenna tubing

Aluminum comes in varying grades and the Diamond Antenna CP22E demonstrates why not all aluminum is created equal.

KG3V Ham Radio Blog

KG3V Blog

Real experience with real experiments yield a wealth of information valuable to hams far and wide.